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Art, Whimsy,
& Magic

Welcome to Phigment Design Studio, an art studio and product shop for dreamers, children, and childlike souls. Since I was a little girl, I've been passionate about creating imaginative artwork that makes people smile. As I grew older, I realized that I never wanted to lose my childlike sense of whimsy and wonder. I started Phigment Design Studio in 2017 to share that energy through paintings, books, and products. Scroll down to see my paintings, products, and my first art and children's book, "Animal's Under the Bed!"

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Love is in
the Details

Years ago, I decided to teach myself how to use acrylic paint. I immediately fell in love with the rich, vibrant colors and the complex detail achieved from layering brush strokes. What I love most about acrylic is that each layer is brand new: it completely covers the layer below it. I am able to meticulously agonize over every brush stroke, making changes and adding detail until I am thrilled with every inch of the finished piece. It is a labor of love, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Animals Under
the Bed!


I love painting for children. Nothing says "magic and whimsy" to me more than a heartfelt, artistically-inspired children's book. Do you still feel a sense of nostalgia when you are reminded of the picture books that captured you as a child? No project has captured my heart more than working on my first, self-published art and children's book, "Animals Under the Bed!"

Animals Under the Bed! is not a typical children's book, because the artwork preceded the writing. This book is for adults who love artwork, children who love magic, and young souls who want to feel inspired again. 

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A Special Book
to Share

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"Every page
is a work of art."

— Jenni: Mom of 5, San Marcos, CA


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Custom Prints
& Products

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Bringing Magic
to your Home

With every painting and product I create, my goal is to bring a sense of joy and magic into your home! I currently offer custom kids' name prints, animal greeting cards, mugs, and more. Do you have an idea for a product or painting? Nothing makes me happier than hearing from my customers and working together to create something truly special for them.

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