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Why Self-Publish?

Today, I'm going to begin answering more of your specific questions about what I've learned in my self-publishing process, starting with the first question some of you asked me: self-publishing or traditional publishing? If you've created a book (or considered it) you've probably already thought about how exciting it would be to get published! I totally did, too! The reality, however, is that only you can decide which route is best for you, your lifestyle, and your book. SO, here are the most important pros and cons I have gleaned from my research and experience:

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Hello Hello!

Hello hello! Meg Smiley here! I am SO excited to be sharing my very first blog post with you. The past couple years have been an exciting journey of developing my book and my business, so I felt it was about time to start sharing more of myself with all of you: my (beyond) amazing customers and supporters! I'd like to start by telling you what you can expect from this blog!

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